Ancestral Mapuche Knowledge

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Station Mountain Range

Intensidad Familiar

Temática Cultura

The meeting point between you and the Guide will be in the Plaza Kurarewe, after of to introduce the tour, will go to Intercultural Village Trwupeyum and the Museum where you can know and watch the instruments and recompilations about the Mapuche legend and history. The route will continue until Puala Bajo village, for getting learning and appreciating the interesting Mapuche´s medicine class, realized by a Machi of the community (Machi it´s a mean traditional ancestral authority about the Mapuche’s Cosmo-vision), that she/he has received all the knowledge from the ancestors, transmitted generation by generation.

On the lunch time, we will visit a famous cooker woman, who will offer to test different typical food dishes, that made it with traditional ingredients from the native forest and organic vegetable garden. After lunch, we will go to the first nation community called “Juan de Dios Ancamil”, where you can do hiking inside native millennial forest, and you can watch the original native flower called “Copihues”.

Finally, you can know the craftsman knit and his processes to get the beautiful weaves for her own clothes and also to sale. Also, you can visit her garden and how she takes the inspiration to identified her plants and vegetables that will dyeing natural wool to make the handcrafts knits that be put in the store.

The journey will finish with a wide point of view over the valley and then we will return to the Kurarewe square plaza.


10:00 Welcome and visit to the Trawupeyum Village.

11:00 Mapuche ancestral medicine workshop.

13:00 Mapuche local cuisine lunch.

14:30 Interpretive trail native forest.

16:30 Visit craft workshop.

17:30 End of the program.

Price per person, the tour is for minimum two people. Including transports.

Suggestions for the Tourists

En las actividades de trekking equiparse con zapatos adecuados, traje de agua, cortavientos y frutos secos. Llevar agua en botella reutilizable.

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CLP $127.650

Per Person


Station Mountain Range

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Tematic Culture

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