Quetrupillan Volcano

CLP $46.000

Precio por Persona

Duration full day 10 horas

Station Mountain Range

Intensidad Familiar

Temática Naturaleza

Ascent to the Quetrupillan Volcano.

The activity starts at 07:00 am; with the reception of the passengers, leaving the city of Pucón at 07:15 hrs. On the way to the base of the Quetrupillan Volcano, destination to Curarrehue, taking the deviation towards Palguin, arriving at the Paraíso Escondido sector, founding El Porvenir, is approximately 45 minutes away. At the base of the Quetrupillan Volcano, I found El Porvenir, we found toilets, showers and camping areas in which $ 3000 pesos per passenger is paid upon entering. Place where you start the trekking at 900 m high 8:00 hrs. Once the trekking started we arrived at another private farm which is owned by Mr. Carlos Urzúa, which requires a sum of $ 5000 pesos for the passage and access to the Volcano trail.

The trekking in its first half crosses a forest of Coihues and Lengas with beautiful views towards the valley of Palguin, this stage of the trekking lasts approximately two and a half hours, at a slow pace, this stage consists of three stages of break.

Once out of the forest we find the southwestern face of the volcano, at a height of approximately 1200 m, the place starts a trekking through a mixed terrain of volcanic haulage and permanent snowfields, the place starts to see the volcanoes that are found around the area. This ascent has three breaks and a duration of two and a half hours to the summit.

Once at its summit we can have a 360 ° visual, observing the volcanoes of the Villarrica Volcano, Llaima Volcano, Tolhuaca Volcano, Lonquimay Volcano, Sollipulli Volcano, Cerro Quinquilil, Las Peinetas Hill, Lanín Volcano, Mocho Choshuenco Volcano and the lakes Mallolafquen, Caburga, quillelhue, Laguna Escondida, Lake Calafquen and Panguipulli Lake.

The crater of the Volcano has a radius of 500 meters. Approximately and in its interior we can find a permanent glacier. At its summit we can stay around 20 to 30 meters, depending on the weather conditions.

The descent begins on the same path, with small variations if the snow allows it, we can make slides as in the Villarrica volcano. Arriving at the base of the volcano in two and a half hours to the future estate, the return to the city of Pucón begins.

· Total time of the activity full day 10 hrs. Approximately.

· Equipment helmet, canes, trekking shoes, backpack, ration of march and water. "Two liters of water is recommended."

· Income values ​​to the farms not included.

· Capacity of 20 passengers per day.

· Minimum two passengers.

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CLP $46.000

Per Person

Duration full day 10 horas

Station Mountain Range

Intensity Family

Tematic Nature

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