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Lagoons and Cascades of Colors
CLP $92.000

Tour with local guides Aymaras, we invite you to our rural, cultural, ancestral tour, in the commune of Camiña, in the town of Nama.

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Tour en Rapa Nui
CLP $343.850

Programa 4 días en Rapa Nui Ancestral

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Ancestral Mapuche Knowledge
CLP $127.650

Ancestral Story-Ancestral Medicine-Mapuche Cuisine-Trekking...

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People from Trankurra
CLP $106.950

Garden and and Seed Protection-Ancestral Story-Local Sustainable Production Program diarily

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Know Chile Station

About us

We are a group of professionals, we work...
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Estación Chile seeks to value our nature ...
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We invite you to visit Chile and know the tours and routes ...
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Experiential Tourism

Estación Chile seeks to value our nature
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Kayak eon the Third Greatest Lakes of Chile

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