¿Who we Are?

We are working as tourist agency in many beautiful places and inhospitable landscapes around the country, such as; Altiplano, Atacama Desert, Andes Mountain, different Valleys, Coasts, Austral Lakes, River & Fiords, and Patagonian, awesome places that never we thought it existed. We have known and seen, as the population that live on the territories have survived by adapting to adverse climatic and geographical conditions, since it has known how to live collaborating each other generation by generation. As we got to know the reality of this peoples, we noticed the limited diffusion and advertising of local initiatives tourism of small entrepreneurs, especially those that are there from the most isolated places. "Estación Chile" was born as a web platform tool, to bring the national and international diffusion, of different interesting tours destinations throughout the country, with a spirit of fair trade. We invite you to visit Chile to live a different experience, with the actors who daily build their lives to preserve their local culture and identity. Visit these tours in our "Experiential Tourism" section.